My name is Stephanie Arguelles, a 24 year old photographer based in Manila, Philippines. I have been taking photos since I was 16 years old and have grown to love the art of photography. I started using a film camera about four years ago and was drawn to how it took so much precision and understanding of the subject you are photographing because there is no “do overs”. You cannot view and delete what is not to your liking. This concept attracted me immediately. I find beauty in taking the time to frame the perfect photo and hearing the finality of the “click” knowing it is forever embedded in the film, no deletions allowed. It helps me appreciate working with what I have. If the picture doesn’t turn out the way I expected, well it can be edited (though I prefer not to), but if the photo is perfect there is a joy in me knowing the time and effort I took in taking such a striking image. Film will always have a special place in my life because of the link it brings to the moment each photo was taken, the emotion and effort needed to create a sticking image.

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