My name is Stefan Meyer. Born in 95, and originating from Kingston Upon-Thames, I have been shooting portraits and weddings for 4 years professionally. Using just my trusty Nikon F3 and a light meter, my aim is to create images that resonate with the viewer and that portray the true emotions and temperament of the model/client.

I don’t even own a digital camera apart from my iPhone. I only shoot film. The main reason I shoot film is because of how it slows me down when I photograph – in part this is because of the camera I use but it’s mainly due to the fact that there are a limited amount of photographs that I can take on one roll. It forces me to be more creative and in touch with my subject. I am at my best, diving into the deep end. Under pressure, I create stunning images that are both timeless and visually impacting, while still evoking strong emotions from the viewer.

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