My name is Sara (27) and I am from a Spanish city called Zaragoza. Currently, I live in London. When I was a child, I used to buy all those Kodak disposable film cameras that I brought to my school, camps, holidays, birthdays. I loved to photograph my family and my grandma while she was cooking, and overall I used to photograph all the rooms, furniture and even toilets of all the hotels, campsites or the places I was visiting to show to my parents later. When I was 14 years old, my parents decided to give me their Olympus OM101. I did not have a reason why I started to shoot on film. I guess that it was the only option, as the first affordable digital cameras appear when I was a teenager. So, I can tell you why I kept doing film. Film is magical, is organic, I love the whole process. It makes you build a bond between your camera, subject(s), film, and your artistic or creation process. 

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