My name is Ray Coyle and I am a 23 year old Detroit, Michigan based film photographer. The goal of my photography is to document my mid-western life / travel experiences, and those who I get to experience it with. I spent my time in University in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and it was there in 2015 where I picked up my first film camera.  It is cliché to say, but since that day I felt film allowed me to "live in the moment" and appreciate the more ordinary things in life. Film photography, due to its chemical nature, draws parallels to life itself: random and unpredictable. Life for me seems random and unpredictable, and this may explain why I am so drawn to shooting on film. 
Growing up in Detroit area, you hear people from other parts of the country say it's an "ugly, decrepit, wasteland". For me, however, I find there is an underlying beauty and story that is largely overlooked. The mid-western states have pure emotion, and it’s my goal to show that to the rest of the world.

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