My name is Lyon Dongen, im 19 years old and I live in the Netherlands, but I am originally from Aruba. Aruba is a very small island where you can’t really do that much when it comes to analogue photography. That’s why I started off shooting digital. It was fine at the time but I felt like I wasn’t really connecting with the scene or the subjects. Eventually I moved to the. Netherlands (to study abroad) and this is when I bought my first analogue camera; the Lubitel 2. 

After a while I tried out different 35mm cameras and other 6x6 cameras, but eventually ended up with the Mamiya RB67 and I absolutely loved it. My favourite kind of photography is Portraits because it lets you get to know people and also lets you work on your social skills. I mostly shoot black and white because it leaves a lot more room open for your imagination and interpretation, and I also just like the retro look of true black and white. 

Film photography is something that is getting increasingly popular and I completely understand why. The more people that start doing it, the longer it’ll live on. 

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