My name is Tiziana, aka Nina, and I was born in Naples. I'm a teacher, but my dream was to be a rock star. To be David Bowie. 

I did not choose analogue photography, it chose me. It all happened by chance, less than a year ago, when I've received a Leica Mini as a present. I was conquered, immediately and unexpectedly. Choose which roll to use, weight every single shot, wait for the development, not know what happened of those 36 moments, scan the film, see the image's rendering, its heat, its imperfection: this slow process has seduced me, slow and romantic. I photograph anything that attracts me. I'm an instinct, I do not care about the beautiful framing, shooting when I meet and I recognize myself. It is essential that the image looks like what I am and I feel. I like this. It is not a picture that I would like to do, but it is the idea of being able to stop time in every shot that fascinates me, stop it forever. A crazy battle against the fear of disappearing.

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