Hello, I'm Juliette, a young woman of 20 years old. I spend my time reading, writing, taking pictures, traveling, working and studying.
I started taking photos at the age of six with a digital camera, a compact Fujifilm. Every year after my first camera, I was expecting Santa Claus to bring me new photography stuff. Then, like 5 years later, I had the chance to have a reflex camera.  I grew up in the middle of analog cameras, thanks to my father who was a photographer when he was young. 
Now I'm going on and more to film photography, I had my first camera last year. I can say it out loud : now I'm strictly interested in analog photography. I shot with a Minolta X-300. Now that I know the device, I'm searching for a new camera. I like the fact that it is a mechanical machine instead of being digital witch is to my opinion so much less magical with that concept of instantaneous. To me, film photography is like ... just more real.

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