I was raised in Auckland, New Zealand. My first film camera was a Canonet QL 19 which unfortunately had stuck aperture blades. This limited my first experience as I was only able to shoot at f/16 however I was told B&W film was the most forgiving for beginners so off I went. It took me over a year to finish my first roll of film! When I finally finished the roll and received my developed images it was like opening a time capsule to memories I had forgotten. This motivated me to shoot more film.

I moved to Vancouver, Canada on a 2 year working Visa in December 2017. This is where my film photography really kicked off and when I decided to share my images with the world via Instagram. Living in a new country forces you to see everything in a new light and I couldn't wait to capture everything as I knew my time there was limited. Fast forward to present day I'm back in New Zealand with a new found appreciation for film photography and I'm looking forward to capturing my home in a new light. 

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