Ennuh, been shooting film since 2008. I like shooting portraits, double exposures, anything quirky. My style is usually documentary. I like taking photos of my friends and the stuff we do. I seldom schedule photoshoots because I like to capture moments as they happen. My film photography inspirations are Edie Sunday, Ren Hang, Lee Ann Lui, Hedda Selder.

I just realize now I’ve been shooting film for almost a decade! LOLOMG. I consider myself lucky because I was among the last to take film photography as a subject back in college. Back then, I didn’t take it seriously. I didn’t see the appeal of it, as I was pressured to shoot to make the grade. We were taught everything from shooting to developing to printing in the darkroom. I officially started shooting film as a hobby in 2011, when I got my first job and bought a film camera using my first salary.

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