I have been a film enthusiast for the last 5 years or so. My journey into the film world began in 2012 when, at the time, I had saved up enough money to buy a camera bundle from Best Buy. While I do have a modest camera collection, my two main cameras are: Ricoh KR-5 Super and Olympus Stylus Epic. There just something about the way film feels when shooting. I can never really pin point what it is that makes me enjoy shooting film so much. It could be the grainy look, or the anticipation of waiting to see how your shots came out, or just the overall proud feeling you get when you know you nailed the shot you envisioned.

Even with the recent cancellations of certain films, mainly the Neopan Acros film and the Agfa film, I feel that shooting film has started to pick back up. While our community is still relatively small compared to the vast world of digital photographers, I feel that we’re still leaving our mark in the world of photography and making an impact where it counts. Helping any photographers that ask for help and giving tips and advice because at the end of the day, even though the mediums are different, photography is something that we share with each other all across the world.

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