Started shooting film at the age of 13 when my dad passed on his Minolta to me, he noticed my fascination with cameras and trusted his favorite camera to me. I've been shooting with this Minolta ever since, but not until a couple years ago did I truly emerge myself fully into analog film. I have much more love for shooting on film, then I do for digital aside from the fact that my entire love for photography started with film I find myself more careful about shooting when I am working with film. With film I truly plan my composition better, I direct my model to give me something different, I go out of my way to readjust my angle; all before I even take one shot. Rather with digital, I just shoot and shoot because I'm not limited. For others the idea of being limited of quantity of images might upset or frustrate them but for me, this limitation brings out my creative drive and forces me to get the most out of ever image I capture. 

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