My name is Brittany Kelley.  I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I have been shooting film off and on since I was a child (the good old disposable camera days).  The love I had for shooting film as a child has resurfaced in recent years.  I started collecting old antique cameras.  I have always been intrigued by their unique designs.  To my surprise, a few of the cameras in my collection actually worked!  I mostly shoot with various 35mm and instant films, but my favorite film to shoot with is Ilford hp5plus.  I love the timelessness of this film and the amount of grain each photograph presents.  My work usually focuses on rural American life, but since I began my career in the aviation industry, I have been able to travel to a few of the cities on my bucket list.  While traveling, I like to carry one of my 35mm cameras, and a few rolls of film, to capture these fleeting moments.  I have attached a few images to this email to share some of the moments I captured on black and white film.  I am also sharing for a possible feature on your website!

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